Fusebox 10 Way 100A Mainswitch Metal Consumer Unit

£29.17 + VAT

10 Way 100A Mainswitch Metal Consumer Unit

CP Electric Fusebox 18th Edition compliant Metal consumer unit.

Provision for T2 surge protection

Earth and neutral terminal bars at the top

Removable and raised DIN rail

Round knock-outs on all faces

Extra height for RCBOs

Busbar shroud

Featuring an inbuilt Spirit level

Included sticker pack.

The FuseBox circuit protection range of metal consumer units and protection devices, offers flexible versatile solutions for 18th Edition electrical installations. Their new 18th Edition range has been designed to allow a 2 module SPD to be fitted to the RHS of the incomer without affecting the number of usable ways.If an SPD is not required these additional 2 modules can be used for devices such as time clocks, installation contactors or a bell transformer.

Dimensions 306 × 263 × 116 mm

Mainswitch Characteristics

Number of Ways

Number of Modules


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