Blauberg Calm 100mm Fan

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Blauberg Calm is a unique range of contemporary extractor fans that offer significant advantages over traditional ventilators designed for the home. Our Calm extractor fan range delivers higher airflow rates and less noise because of the way it has been designed. In addition, Calm extractor fans are offered in a range of colours that will fit any modern bathroom, kitchen or wet room. It will also suit a more traditional style.

Blauberg Calm is Building Regulation Part F and L compliant and can be mounted within zone 1 and 2 of a bathroom, shower or sink area. The fitted shutter ensures that back draughts are kept to a minimum when the fan is not in use without the need for an external shutter or draught excluder. There are plenty of control options to choose from depending on your needs from simple 2-wire pull cord operation, humidity and damp control options, to fully automatic PIR movement detection.


CALM100 Options

Humidistat, Timer, Standard

Bathroom Installation Zones

Cutout Size

Noise Level

Power Supply Voltage


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