THE SALE OF most forms of halogen lighting is now being phased out in the UK and across most of Europe.

The move is designed to save on energy; most halogen lamps are rated ‘D’ on the of scale of energy efficiency. Compared to LED lighting, halogen costs five times as much to run.

LEDs lights also last longer than halogen – around 25,000 hours, compared to 2,000. So, it’s no contest, really.

High Voltage will continue to sell halogen lighting for as long as I have it in stock, but once it’s gone, it’s gone. However, certain specialist halogen lights – such as oven bulbs – I’ll continue to sell.

Customers looking to swap from halogen to LED downlights have two options:

Keep the old downlights    This is possible only with low-voltage halogen downlights that run off low-voltage transformers. In this case you can replace the lights with a low-voltage MR16 LEDs. This is because many MR16 LEDs run on AC rather than DC, and so don’t need an LED driver; you can run them off your existing halogen transformers. Just be sure to check first whether the MR16 LED bulbs you are buying are compatible.

Install new integrated LED downlights    These have built-in and non-replaceable LEDs. While more expensive than replaceable LEDs, they have a much higher life expectancy.

Compared to LED lighting, halogen costs five times as much to run.

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