High Voltage’s Jon Milne
explains why expensive
underfloor heating is all
about the warranty rather
than product quality

WITH EXPENSIVE UNDERFLOOR heating, you’re paying not for quality of product, but quality of warranty.

I sell two brands of underfloor heating – WarmUp and Heat Mat. In terms of quality, there’s no difference between them, yet Heat Mat is almost half again as expensive. So why buy it?

In a word: warranty. Heat Mat products come with a warranty that covers you for the cost of replacing not only the faulty product, but also any re-flooring costs you incur.

But WarmUp warranties cover only the cost of replacing faulty products, not the cost of re-flooring.

If you have a large kitchen with £200 per sq ft of marble tiling, then clearly this is a price worth paying.

For the record, the Heat Mat warranty T&Cs state the company ‘will look favourably on covering any costs associated with repairing floors which have been damaged as a consequence of repairing a Heat Mat product suffering from a manufacturing fault’.

Warmup T&Cs, meanwhile, say the company ‘will arrange for the product to be repaired free of charge’ but adds ‘such cost does not extend to costs of relaying, replacing or repairing any floor covering or floor’.

The devil, as they say, is in the detail.

Not all brands of underfloor heating have the same warranty. The more expensive brands include cover for lifting up the floor in the event of a problem. If you have a problem with a cheaper brand, such as Warm Up, the cost of lifting and replacing the floor comes out of your pocket.
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